About the Artist

The inspiration for the Painted Picket came when Christy moved to
her new home in  December 2009.  The property boasted a rustic
cabin begging for attention and Christy  had longed dreamed of
having a space at home in which to create and sell her art.   After
splashing color all over her new home and painting her doors purple
(her favorite color), she began the process of transforming the cabin
into a colorful delight and moving her studio,
All Things Painted,
from the old Greenbrier Schoolhouse and The Painted Picket was born.

Christy’s art business began in 1988 when Christy started “Colors by
Christy” and made hand painted t-shirts and earrings.  The venture
was so successful she spent her 3rd semester of graduate school
traveling around Europe while she obtained her Masters of
Architecture from Clemson University.  She continues to teach
architecture at Midlands Technical College in Columbia, SC and
pursue her passion of painting.

In 2002, she opened her first studio space,
All Things Painted, in
Winnsboro. During the years, she has added different items, such as
her “little bits of art”, as an answer to fans that wanted little bits of
her floor cloths.  Today, these paintings have become as popular as
her other creations.  As she says, “art doesn’t need to be so serious all
the time.”  Christy’s whimsical creations were designed for you to feel
the same joy that she has when she creates them.

At the Painted Picket, Christy is at home. She gets to play in the
garden, talk to the ducks, entertain with friends around the fire pit,
work on the straw bale house and just enjoy the moments in life that
make you smile.  

" I believe that everything has some type of beauty and every
environment needs something that evokes a smile or laughter.  
Each piece that I paint is considered a blank canvas in which I
combine colors, sayings, and patterns. It gives me great
satisfaction to create works of art that is incorporated into your
normal daily living. Go ahead and use my functional works of art
that satisfies every whim; combine it with your traditional pieces,
walk on my floorcloths, or sit under one of my spinning
chandeliers- but most of all  -smile while you use it!”  
          Christy Buchanan
To place an order, email Christy at  christy@allthingspainted.com
@ 2010 all rights reserved

the Painted Picket Hours

Most Friday and Saturday
Other times by appointment
803 718 5303

The SHE Garden
Christy received a grant
from the SC Arts
Commission to do a folk
art garden.  This is the
start of the garden. Come
see the Bottle house
completed and  friend her
on facebook and you can
see the current progress.  
The Painted Picket
1450 Newberry Road
Winnsboro, SC 29180
803 718 5303
Tire planters at the
Working outside of
the studio
Mr. Chicken
inspecting the new