Christy's portfolio of faux finishes is rich.  She has
done everything from clouds on a ceiling, silver
leafing, to the groovy girls bedroom- which is was a
mix of leopard, spots and color.  

Each finish is unique and done for the environment
that it exists.  If you need leather on the walls she
can paint it.  The Hawaii inspired room came from
a picture of the waters of Hawaii (her clients favorite
place in the world) and the walls is what she
created to remind you of the movement of the
ocean and the sands on the beach.  

The wine cellar was for a great wine collector in
which he wanted the walls to remind him of stone
and the counters to be of copper.  It is all paint-
including the water spots that made the counter
turn green!

The attorney's office even has copper ceilings.  And
the fish for the dentist office are sporting brand new
Wine Cellar with
painted copper
Modern Squares
Dentist Office
Groovy  Playroom
Hawaii inspired Walls
Attorney's office
with copper ceiling
and leather walls
Green Distressed
Walls and cabinets
Let Christy figure out
what to paint in your
home !
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The Painted
1450 Newberry Road
Winnsboro, SC 29180